Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Sunday Trading

I Support USDAWs SundayPledge to keep Sunday trading to 6 hours 

Dear Candidate


In the face of recent attempts to extend the 6 hours of Sunday opening for large retail stores in England and Wales, Usdaw the shopworkers’ union have asked all General Election candidates if they will support a pledge to keep Sundays special:


“I believe that Sundays are a special day for families and for communities.  I therefore pledge to help keep Sundays special by opposing any changes to the current limit on Sunday opening hours for large stores.”


If you are prepared to make that commitment, please reply to this email to say ‘Signing’


All candidates are listed as having signed or not signed on the independent website that Usdaw have set up with the campaign group Keep Sunday Special.  According to our records we have yet to receive a response from you:




On 24th April, Usdaw and other organisations will be sending the website link to our members so that they can see whether the candidates in their own constituencies have signed.


If you support the current limit on Sunday opening hours for large stores, please sign now before the link is sent to your constituents.


For full reasons and more information about our campaign, please see the Why section of the website: http://sundaypledge2015.org.uk/why/


Sundays are very important to Usdaw’s members and to the 3 million people who work in retail, many of whom have to work all day on Saturdays, who would like a small part of the weekend to spend time with family and friends, especially if their children are at school during the week.


The current Sunday trading laws represent a great British compromise – stores can open, customers get 6 hours to do their shopping, retail staff get some time away from work at weekends, and communities can come together for local events.


If you have any further questions, please respond to this email.


Kind regards




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