Thursday, 23 April 2015

Fair Fuel

Subsidising fuel means more traffic, more congestion leading to gridlock. We would subsidise public transport, encourage cycling and walking. And electric cars and freight using rail or even canals. 

This would result in less traffic and less air pollution. Also less wear and damage to roads. 

I expect other parties hope to bribe motorists, but don't be fooled. 

Regards Adrian Windisch

Dear Adrian Windisch,

I, and 1.1m supporters of the FairFuelUK Campaign, simply do not know why your Party has not mentioned any positive policy news for 32m motorists in your Party's Manifesto. From your Party's silence, I can only assume your Party if elected will indeed be increasing Fuel Duty on top of the highest tax take in the EU that we already now pay to the Exchequer. 

FairFuelUK has shown to the Treasury that stable pump prices, cutting duty and recent fortuitous lower global oil prices has put £10bn back into consumer spending power. Jobs are increasing, GDP is up and inflation almost zero. It's no coincidence that these welcome economic benefits have taken place with fuel prices considerably lower than 12 months ago and with Labour's previously planned fuel tax hikes being stopped. So, please tell me what is your Party's position on the future of Fuel Duty levels and also what is your own personal position when it comes to supporting motorists and commercial drivers in your constituency? 

I also want to know why your Party has not supported FairFuelUK's call for a full and transparent CMA inquiry into pricing at the pumps. We continue to fleeced by unknown commercial bodies when oil price changes are not accurately reflected both in terms of timing and fair amounts. I really do appreciate your time to answer these questions. 

Please let me know your answers to my questions as soon as possible, as how you respond may well influence the way I vote on May 7th.

Thanks & kind regards

I found this article from a few years ago, I have updated it a little, but most of it stands. 

"The Chair of Kent Green Party, Stuart Jeffery, rejects the the so-called 'Fair Fuel' Campaign. 

He says: "Reducing fuel prices as suggested by the so-called 'Fair Fuel' Campaign will add to traffic congestion and air pollution in the UK. Air pollution, mainly from traffic, kills about 24,000 people in the UK each year. 

"Traffic congestion in Kent and Medway is already atrocious in most areas during rush hours and in some places all day. The cost of motoring dropped by about 14% 1997-2009 whilst rail fares rose 13% in the same period.

" The best way to cut traffic is to ensure fuel is expensive and forces hauliers to use rail, shipping and canal options wherever possible. The Coalition Government has still to introduce a Brit Disc to tax foreign hauliers whose lorries create gridlock around Dover.

He should realise that we are importing more oil each year. We need to cut oil use, including introducing better non-road freight options for long distances and bringing more electric-powered vehicles into use."

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