Friday, 1 August 2014

Harry Potter Influences

The worlds J.K.Rowling created have some similarity to other fantasy books. Most creative people "stand on the shoulders of giants", this doesn't detract from their originality. 

One of the fathers of modern fantasy was Tolkien; creatures from his books are used by most in the genra. He was inspired by Icelandic sagas. 

Like Tolkien Rowling used trolls, goblins, dragons, giant spiders. The first incident that makes Harry Ron and Hermiony into friends is fighting a troll. Not unlike the hobbit. 

Frodo and Harry are orphans. Raised by relatives but in very different circumstances. 

To kill sauron you need first destroy the ring. Like voldy with his hoarcruxs. 

Carrying the ring makes the person feel low, like the hoarcruxs. 

Sauron is referred to as "he whom we do not name" by Faramir of Gondor. Others say "the nameless one". Voldy is "he who must not be named".

Gandalf and Dumbledor. Both are mentors to the lead character, both die but come back after a fashion. Both speak the name that others fear, "the nameless one", or "he who must not be named". 

All this takes nothing away from J K Rowling, her books have much originality. They are best sellers and got children turning pages in a digital age. 

Some other influences:

The weasleys  have some similarity to the borrowers, red hair, close nit family who live in a burrow? Of course the burrow is above ground.  

Also "The Worst Witch" books and tv series by Jill Murphy has a school for child whitches. This episode recalls Harry's first time on a broom. 

Terry Pratchett"a unseen university may also have been influential. 

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Wool Against Weapons 9 August AWE

Join Wool against Weapons, Action AWE and CND for mass opposition to 
Trident nuclear weapons replacement.

Saturday 9th August 10.00 am - 3.00 pm

A 7 mile long Peace Scarf, knitted by supporters from around the world 
will be rolled out on the Reading Road linking AWE Aldermaston and AWE 

There will be various meeting points along the route of the roll out of 
the scarf. Come along to the Purple Milestone for Greenpeace supporters 
and people from Berkshire, Hampshire and the South. For details see the 
map and more details

CND have coaches planned for transport from Mortimer station to the 
various milestone bases.
Bring bells to ring for the joining of the scarf at 1.00pm

Make this a summer of peace not war! Resist the war machines. Together 
we can put human security first.

For more info contact Helen

Malala Day

Malala Day celebrates the birthday of Malala Yousafzai, the girl who was shot for bravely defying the Taliban and attending school. This year, she has traveled to Nigeria to see the plight of girls, like her, in great danger for simply going to school.

Malala wants to use Malala Day this year to ask everyone to raise their voices to say: we are #strongerthan those who use fear, intimidation and violence to stand in the way of every girl and boy's basic right to an education.


Pics here :

Add your name to this statement from Malala and her friends in Nigeria and ask your readers to join

Together, toady we can show we are #strongerthan fear, oppression and violence. Stand with Malala by taking one of the steps above.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Labour Tory Race To Seem Greener

Ed Miliband attacks Cameron on climate change. It's clever, putting the Tories on the defensive where once they boasted "greenest government ever". But the idea that Labour would be significantly better than this coalition is to ignore there own patchy record when in power. 

There is only one Green Party,  don't be fooled by the spin. Send them a green message by voting Green at the next election, euro and locals this May.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Archived, "is it really Regenerate Or Die" For Wokingham?

This was written last month but got forgotten between Xmas and moving house. 

"The town is regularly voted one of the best places to live in the country. But according to the Tories "Without this regeneration our town centre will slowly die".

Many think councillor Alistair Corrie, of Wokingham Borough Council overstated his case more than a little bit. 

He said "I don't like the idea of ripping up trees or building on green space ... but I've come up with the view that we need to regenerate".

"I do accept that most people will find this very unpopular". At last he says something sensible. 

In these times of austerity they are spending £95 million reducing green space and putting more strain on existing resources. 

The council says following the development the park will include a bigger and better play area, and a larger events field, and will have "more trees". Though much less space. 

The application includes a new food store, hotel, new retail units, 157 homes and a "new and improved" town park at Elms Field as well as a redeveloped Peach Place plaza.

Campaigners against this proposal collected more than 2,000 signatures to trigger a three-hour debate against the development which will nearly halve open space at the park.

A campaign on Facebook against the plans has attracted 1,500 members."

Adrian Windisch 
Green Party Candidate For Wokingham 

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Green Party Twitter UK

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Monday, 25 November 2013

Wokingham GE Candidate

I have been selected as the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Wokingham for the next General Election. 

This is from the press release. 

"Adrian was the Chair of the local Green Party from 2005 till 2012 and a parliamentary candidate in Reading West in 2005 and 2010.

A resident in Earley, where he lives with his wife and two children, Adrian is a qualified Civil Engineer.  He is a member of several environmental building organisations, with extensive experience of sustainable building.  Adrian is also a member of RedR, a relief organisation that sends engineers to disaster zones.

Adrian says:  “I believes it is possible to make a difference and have a sustainable future.  As an example, I led the campaign against the closure of Battle Hospital to build a Tesco because I wanted to take a stand for the small business and the local community.”

A former director of an environmental charity doing both research and education work, and with experience building a school in rural Tanzania. Adrian believes education should be decided at a more local level, drawing on the knowledge and experience of parents and pupils.

Adrian said “I was shocked to hear the head of Ofsted refer to Wokingham as ‘ area where children are at risk of missing out on the benefits of education.’ Education should provide everyone with the knowledge and skills they need to be able to live a full life and contribute to society.