Monday, 11 May 2015

Top Green results from GE 2015

Brighton Pav 41.8% 22,871 1st
Caroline Lucas 

Second place 
Bristol west 26.8% 17,227 2nd Darren Hall 
Sheffield Cent 15.8% 6,999 2nd Jillian Creasy  
Liverpool Riverside 12.1% 5,372 2nd @MartinDobsonGP 
Manchester Gorton 9.8% 4,108 2nd Laura Bannister 

Hackney N a s w 14.6% 7281 3 
Norwich Sth 13.9% 6749 3rd 
Buckingham 13.8% 7400 3rd 
Isle of W 13.4% 9404 3rd 
Holborn and St Pancras 12.8% 3rd 7,013 
Lewisham Dep 12.5% 3 

Bath 11.9% 5634 4th
Hackney S a S 11.6% 5519 3 
Oxford East 11.6% 5890 
Bristol S 11.5% 5861 
Totnes 10.3% 4845 
Islington N 10.2% 5043 3rd 
Camberwell and P  10.1% 5187 3
York Cent 10.1% 4791 
Notts E 9.9% 3473 
Dulwich and w n  9.4% 4844 
Bethnal gr and bow 9.3% 4906 3
Tottenham 9.2% 3931 
Somerton and F 9.0% 5434 
Cent Devon 8.9% 4866 Streatham 8.9% 4421 
Newcastle u T E 8.7% 3426 
Truro and F .. 8.7% 4483 
Lewisham W ... 8.5% 4077 3 
Manchester Cent 8.5% 3838 
Leeds W 8.4% 3217 
Bristol East 8.3% 3827 
Manchester With.. 8.1% 4048 
Cambridge 7.9% 4109 4th 
Leeds Cent 7.9% 3558 
Bury St ed 7.9% 4692 
Islington S 7.6% 3371 
Vauxhall 7.6% 3658 
Portsmouth Sth 7.5% 3145 
Bournemouth west 7.4% 3107 5 
Bournemouth East 7.3% 3263 
Leyton and W 7.3% 2974 3 
Hereford and ... 7.2% 3415 
Plymouth Sutton... 7.1% 3401 
Brighton kemp 7.0% 3187 
Canterbury 7.0% 3746 
Leeds NW 7.0% 3042 
N Herts 7.0 % 3341 
Torridge and WDevon 6.9% 3941 
Henley 6.9% 3815 
Huddersfield 6.9% 2798 
Hove 6.8%  3rd 3,569
Reigate 6.7% 3434 
Chichester 6.6% 3742 
Exeter 6.5% 3491 
N Somerset 6.5% 3806 
Rushcliffe 6.5% 3559 
West Worcester 6.5% 3505 
Arundel and Sth D 6.4% 3606 5th 
Cardiff c. 6.4% 2461 
Walthamstow 6.4% 2661 
Tiverton and Hon.. 6.4% 3415 
Reading East 6.4% 3214 
Greenwich a W 6.4% 2991 
Wealden 6.4% 3623 
Sth Cambridgeshire 6.3% 3848 
St Ives 6.3% 3051 
Glasgow North 6.2% 2284 
East Hampshire 6.2% 3176 
Sheffield heeley 6.1% 2566 
Edinburgh E 6.0% 2809 
Richmond park 6.0% 3548 
Wycombe 6.0% 3086 
City of Durham 5.9% 2687 
Suffolk Coastal 5.9% 3294 
Southampton Test 5.9% 2568 
Kingston u H North 5.9% 2066 
Devises 5.8% 2853 
SW Wiltshire 5.8% 2985 
North Devon 5.8% 3018 
New Forest W 5.8% 2748 
Worthing West 5.8% 2938 
North Dorset 5.7% 3038 
West Dorset 5.7% 3242 
Bristol NW 5.7% 2952 
Belfast Sth 5.7% 2238 6th
Lewisham E 5.7% 2429 
Camborne and r. 5.7% 2608 Skipton and Ripon 5.7% 3116 
Ceredigion 5.6% 2088 
Hexham 5.6% 2445 
North Down 5.5% 1958 
Hitchin 5.5 % 3053 
Leicester Sth 5.5% 2533 
Lewis 5.5% 2784 
Chesham and a. 5.5% 2902 
NE Somerset 5.5% 2802 
Salisbury 5.5% 2762 
Cities of Lond and W 5.4% 1953 
Notts S 5.4% 2345 
Mole Valley 5.4% 2979 
Edinburgh N a L 5.4% 3140 
Hornsby and ... 5.4% 3147 
SE Cornwall 5.4% 2718 
S Norfolk 5.4% 3090 
SW Surrey 5.4% 3105 
NE Herts 5.3% 2789 
Havant 5.3% 2352 
Shipley 5.3% 2657 
Leeds NE 5.3% 2541 
Penrith and .. 5.3% 2313 
Salford and Ecc.. 5.2% 2251 
East Worthing and S 5.2% 2605 
Liverpool Wav.. 5.2% 2140 
Tunbridge Wells 5.2% 2659 
Ludlow 5.1% 2435 
Birmingham sel oak 5.1% 2301
Kensington 5.1% 1765 
Swansea West 5.1% 1784 
Bexhill and battle  5.1% 2807
Colchester 5.1% 2499 
SE Cambridgeshire 5.1% 3047 Wantage 5.1% 2986 
Witney 5.1% 2970 
Lancaster and F... 5.0% 2093 
Cheltenham 5.0% 2689 
West Ham 5.0% 2651 
Rockford and S... 5.0% 2195 

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Mock Election Results

What a great time at St Crispins School, all the candidates were there and I think all spoke well. 

Unlike the other hustings the school had borrowed the actual ballot boxes to give the students an experience as close to voting as possible. 

I think we were all surprised at the results, what a close contest. 

Minimum Wage

  1. The Green Party of England and Wales is calling for the minimum wage to rise to £10an hour by 2020. In an address to Greens' autumn conference, party leader Natalie Bennett said Britain was a low-wage economy and people deserved "a decent return on their labour".

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

WokyHustings At Methodist Church

#WokyHustings was much last discussed last night on Twitter, see the hashtag. 

It went very well, a good atmosphere, room packed full, well chaired and arranged by the Wokingham Methodist Church. 

Questions about house prices, cost of withdrawal from the EU, 3500 children in poverty, what's important in Wokingham and the deficit. 

It was filmed and will be on YouTube. It was live broadcast on periscope by jonnyvaughan

Here is a list of questions, mostly in tweets. 

@wokinghamgreens: First question is on housing. @AdrianWindisch a radical change is needed. There are too many empty homes. Social homes needed #wokyhustings

Also second homes, empty offices that can be converted. The Green Party would build half a million social homes. 

Q2 cost of withdrawal from EU, some international companies built factories here to be within the EU, some may leave. Jobs will be lost. But we will still be able to trade. I want to stay in but improve it. 

Q3 What is Wokinghams most important issue

@WokinghamNews: #wokyhustings greens say biggest issue are the poor and those struggling to make ends meet.

 Others talked about traffic, so I said improve public transport to get people out of cars. 

Q4 Government spending more than income. I said this is normally the case, mentioned the difference between deficit (one years income vs spending) and debt (what we owe). Said coalition cut tax collectors so I would hire more to improve collection, especially from huge corporations that seem to pay nothing. 

@Hayles_Blakeman: Qu from @e_r0se from@Firstdays_ asking about what the candidates plan to do about the 3500 children living in poverty in woky. #wokyhustings

@Firstdays_: Both @WokinghamLabour and @wokinghamgreens highlighting real issue of hidden poverty in affluent Wokingham #wokyhustings

I said raise benefits cut by coalition. I wish I had also said raise min wage to living wage, many people struggling are in poorly paid jobs. Real jobs needed, not just low paid thirsty ones like self employed or zero hours. 

Q6 will you support the NHS 
@WokinghamNews: #wokyhustings greens would pay for free social care or elderly and dental to help the nhs

I praised the post WW2 Labour government that built the NHS in a time of huge debt, they did it then, we can do it now. 

@wokinghamgreens: NHS created in the context of end of WW2 and massive debt. Dream big people; these cuts are needless #wokyhustings 

There was a 2 minute closing statement from everyone. I said it was a privilege to be there and urged everyone to vote. 

Met quite a few people after who were very supportive, I sounded the most human apparently. 

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Great Email: Action For Renewables

As one of your potential constituents, I wanted to get in touch ahead of the General Election to give you my views on what I think is a crucial issue for the country, the development of renewable electricity within the UK. Last year nearly 20% of our electricity came from different types of renewable energy such as wind and solar, and I believe that to meet our goals on energy security and climate change we need to increase that by at least half over the next Parliament.


I am one of the Green Collar Workers working hard in an industry that makes a real difference. I chose this industry over other better paying ones. Twenty years ago I stayed on at University after my four-year engineering degree to study renewable energy. I knew I was taking a risk but wanted to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. I made the right choice. I am still making the right choice. I want us to decarbonise and I want to play my part in that.


For us to succeed we need to make sure that the right conditions exist for investors to feel confident in bringing renewable energy projects forward. This means not arbitrarily ruling out different types of technologies such as onshore wind, backing new clean energy targets for 2030, and ensuring the financial conditions are right for both more mature technologies and those which are still developing. Essentially we need to make sure that we utilise all our renewable resources in development of our electricity.


I would really appreciate a response back to hear that you will back all types of renewable energy in the next Parliament, and below follows some useful facts about wind and marine energies.


Wind power


In 2014 onshore and offshore wind provided enough power for the equivalent of 6.7million homes annual needs. 9.3% of the UK’s total electricity supply.


Direct and indirect jobs in the UK wind sector equated to over 31,000 in 2013, with the potential to reach 100,000 by 2023.


Wind power is popular – around 2/3 of the population support onshore wind, and 3/4 offshore wind, as polled by the Government , and a poll last year found that political parties lose more votes than they gain by opposing wind.


Wind power is vital to our climate and energy security goals. The current wind fleet leads to 12million tonnes reduction of CO2 each year, and without wind power in 2013 we would have had to import an extra 6.1 million tonnes of coal.


Marine power


The UK currently leads the world in deployed marine power. There are currently more than 1600 people directly employed in the marine sector, with the potential to reach 23,000 direct and indirect jobs by 2023.


Wave and tidal power is one of the most popular forms of energy with Government studies regularly showing three quarters support for the technology.


Media Ownership And Leveson

Too much of the media is in too few hands. Backing Leveson is a start to getting the media to behave, but that may not be the end of it. 

The Green Party welcomed many aspects of the Leveson report, while expressing disappointment that there was little in it to practically address the concentration of ownership in the press.

 Green Party leader Natalie Bennett said the call from Lord Justice Leveson for a new independent self-regulatory body, with the majority of its board comprising non-industry representatives and no serving editors, was a step forward.

 "We would welcome the creation of independent oversight with majority civil society involvement.”

"But although there is the call for independent regulation here, the mechanism suggested is indirect, clunky and open to subversion, rather than the direct creation of an independent body along the lines of Ireland's Press Council. There's also no reference to union representation, which would provide an important expert, hands-on view within the new regulatory body."

- See more at:

Regards Adrian Windisch
Green Candidate for Wokingham 

Dear Adrian Windisch, 

I'm concerned that media barons like Rupert Murdoch have too much power over our democracy. I want an MP who works for local voters, not newspaper owners.

Do you support tighter rules on media ownership? And will you commit to vote for legislation  to ensure that the Leveson Report is fully implemented if they continue to reject proper regulation?

I support the five point MND Charter

1. People with MND have the right to an early diagnosis and information

2. People with MND have the right to access quality care and treatments

3. People with MND have the right to be treated as individuals and with dignity and respect

4. People with MND have the right to maximise their quality of life

5. Carers of people with MND have the right to be valued, respected, listened to and well-supported.