Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Christian Concern

I was asked a question by a member of Christian Concern. I tried to be fair to the questioner but if you look at the questions you can see what they are after. Not my cup of tea and not representative of all Christians. 

My Respinse:
I think that Britain has a Christian background but has become multi faith 

All schools should be good schools teaching to the same quality so everyone has an equal chance. 

MPs should be held to account by voters, with more transparency and a proper chance to recall them if they stray. 

I don't understand your question about Christian conscience. As to freedoms, within reason we should be free to live our lives as we choose. The exceptions being if others lives are put at risk, such as by those promoting hatred. 

Parents should be free to bring up their children as they see fit, within reason. As long as others lives are not put at risk. Similarly with evangelism in the public square. 

All people should be free to marry who they choose, regardless of sex; except close relatives. 

All children should have sex education. 

I would not abolish abortion. 

I would not prevent assisted suicide as long as checks are in place so that it was clearly their choice. 

MPs represent all their constituents and hopefully would raise questions in parliament based on them. Sadly many MPs simply do what their parties tell them to. Or are in it for corrupt reasons. 

I have no strong opinion about a families champion, but I am not sure it would be fair on single people. 

Regards Adrian Windisch

Dear Adrian Windisch

I’m writing to candidates in my area to help me decide how to vote in the election.

I should be grateful for your answers to the following questions:

Christian Values
- Do you think that Britain is a Christian country?
- How do you respond to concerns that the recent 'British Values' drive is being used to penalise 'Christian-ethos' schools?
- What code of conduct would return the link between the public and private morals of MPs?

Christian Freedoms
- What steps would you take to bolster freedom of Christian conscience?
- Do you support parents being able to bring up children in accordance with the Christian faith?
- What will you do to protect the freedom of Christian evangelism in the public square?

Christian Families
- Do you support the appointment of a 'families champion' at cabinet level?
- What view do you take of 'same-sex marriage'?
- How will you protect the parental right to withdraw primary children from sex education?

Christian Foundations
- What steps would you take to abolish abortion?
- What will you do to prevent legalisation of assisted suicide?
- Why did MPs raise so few Christian or ethical questions?

Thank you for taking the time to respond. Please let me have your response as soon as you can.

If you would like more information about issues of concern to Christians at this election I'd recommend you look at

Yours sincerely,

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