Tuesday, 7 April 2015

End Backstreet Breeding

@AdrianWindisch: I call for an end to backstreet breeding #MotherAgain 
Support @BDCH and help end backstreet breeding

I tweeted the above paragraph as suggested against backstreet breeding with my Twitter account 

Regards Adrian Windisch
P.S. Please make sure that you register to vote (whoever you decide to vote for). A lot of people who think they are registered aren't. It takes 5 minutes and you can do it online here:https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote
P.P.S. If you've been convinced by what I had to say please pledge to vote Green here (it doesn't cost you anything):http://pledge.greenparty.org.uk

Mr Adrian Windisch 

Dear Mr Windisch,

Dogs in our local area need your help to end backstreet breeding – the cruel practice of illegally breeding dogs to produce puppies sold for easy money. Every year, this causes hundreds of female dogs and their litters to suffer at the hands of unlicensed breeders and it must stop. 

These unlicensed breeders force dogs to be mothers again and again often in substandard and unhealthy conditions. Their puppies can then be sold – often on the internet or for cash – to owners who are often unaware of their origin until it’s too late and they show the signs of health defects or poor temperaments.  

The puppies who fail to sell are callously abandoned – just like their mothers who are also cast aside when they have served their purpose to just be a breeding machine.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is campaigning to end backstreet breeding and, as a candidate looking to represent me in Parliament, I am urging you to please pledge your support in calling for:

- A complete ban on the sale of puppies under eight weeks old when they still need their mother 
- The introduction of a breeding licence for any household producing two or more litters a year.

Each of these goals would help to clamp down on backstreet breeding by extending licensing to cover everyone who is running a breeding operation, keeping a genuine record of who is breeding dogs and where, and closing loopholes that help breeders move puppies on too early before they are properly socialised.

You can find out more by visiting www.endbackstreetbreeding.org.uk, you can also read the heart-breaking stories of Marjorie, Barbara and Polly, who have been repeatedly forced into motherhood. 

Your support really could change the lives of the dogs forced to be mothers again and again. Please support this campaign by emailing endbackstreetbreeding@battersea.org.uk or tweeting #MotherAgain tagging @BDCH and help end backstreet breeding. 

Thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely,

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