Friday, 10 April 2015

Debt Plan From Step Change

Step change debt charity sound like they have very good advice. Like many constituents I have also struggled in the last few years as wages have come down, prices have gone up and now I have two children.  

I like the six point plan: 
  1. Ensure that every family has £1,000 in savings to cover a sudden cost or income shock.

  2. Ensure all low income households can access low cost credit products.

  3. Scale up free debt advice so that it reaches the 1.4 million people who urgently need advice but aren’t getting it.

  4. Ensure everyone dealing with problem debt gets the protection against interest, charges, enforcement and collections they need.

  5. Protect children and families from the harm of aggressive debt collection practices.

  6. Ensure debt solutions are fit for purpose, and do not have a disproportionate impact on people’s life chances.

Together, these policies will help people already in difficulty and those on the edge of their finances from falling into the debt trap.

Regards Adrian Windisch 
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Dear Adrian Windisch,

I'm just one of three million people in Great Britain currently in problem debt. Many millions more are at risk of falling into difficulty.

If you're elected as an MP in May you will represent me in Parliament. So I wanted to know what action you will take to help people like me avoid problem debt in the future.

My debts got out of hand when I lost my job and was unemployed for 3 months, I have worked full time since leaving school in 1982 and had never been in this position before. As a single woman I have no one I could ask for help and the help available through the job centre was nonexistent. During this period I became desperate and even contemplated suicide as I just couldn't see a way out. Fortunately I found StepChange and I'm now paying an amount I can just about afford but which leaves me with nothing for myself!

StepChange Debt Charity has set out six actions the next Government can take to help people avoid and get out of problem debt, including building up savings and better protection when people are struggling.

Please let me know what you would do to help people like me avoid problem debt.

Yours sincerely,

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