Saturday, 23 February 2013

Don't Privatise Fire Service Petition

I just signed a petition to stop our fire service being privatised. Please join in and sign too.

"It looks like the government are planning to privatise our fire service. They’re trying to sneak in new laws that “would enable fire and rescue authorities in England to contract out their full range of services to a suitable provider”.

Every day, firefighters put their lives in danger to keep us safe. Within minutes of an emergency, we can expect fire crews to be there to save lives and protect our property. Privatising this vital service might seem crazy. But that’s exactly what the government are trying to quietly slip through a hush-hush parliamentary committee.

Let’s make sure the government know we’re watching. We’ve seen bad ideas get much too far before. We need to move fast to show the government that we want a fire service whose priority is protecting peoples lives, not making profit. Together we can prove how unpopular privatising the fire service would be with the public. Sign the petition here:



What's wrong with privatising the Fire Service?

A private operator would have the same strict targets and equally as brave staff (probably the same staff).

The existing regime is expensive, under used and in need of change.

Adrian Windisch said...

“Our fire service is a precious emergency service that we all depend on for our lives and our safety,” the organisation said.

"If the government is allowed to sell the fire service off to private companies, then the essence of our fire service, a service for all of us whenever we need it, might be lost forever."


Off loading the actual day to day operations would not be the same as off loading the responbility to have a national fire service.

Your comments seem to suggest that it's a question of no change thank you or let's get back to Samuel Pepys times - these are not the only options sir.

Adrian Windisch said...

Nothing wrong with discussing this, I'm against the back door method this govt tried to use.

So far privatisation has not been successful or even popular. The Olympic security, prison transportation, trains, ppp etc. I await some examples where it has worked well.


Fair comment.