Tuesday, 26 February 2013

"Flatling" email from Labour Balls up

I don't expect much from Labour, but spell checking an email sent out to millions must be pretty basic. Regular readers will know i am not very good at checking spelling myself but they have a staff of minions to do this sort of thing.


In just under 40 days 13,000 millionaires will get a tax cut from this Tory-led Government.

On the same day that millions of working families have their tax credits cut, millionaires will receive a giveaway worth on average £100,000.

That’s why Labour is today launching its campaign to highlight the unfair choices David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg have made following their economic failure.

We want to tell millions of people about the Tory-led Government's choice - click to help here

This weekend we found out that the Government has even failed on its own test – keeping Britain’s AAA credit rating. But struggling families and businesses don’t need a credit rating agency to tell them this Government’s economic plan isn’t working.

Next month’s Budget is their last chance to put things right. Ed Miliband and I are clear that in this Budget Labour would:

* cancel the tax cut for millionaires and the raid on tax credits for working families;

* bring back a lower 10p starting rate of tax to give 25 million people on middle and low incomes a tax cut, paid for by a mansion tax on houses over £2 million;

* and take action to kick-start this flatling economy by bringing forward infrastructure investment, building thousands of affordable homes and boosting lending to small businesses.

The longer our economy stagnates, the more long-term damage will be done, the harder it will be to get the deficit down and the worse off people will be.

And with our economy flatlining it cannot be right to give millionaires a tax cut while making working families pay more.

Click to start the campaign and help us tell millions of people about this Government's millionaires tax cut"

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