Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Wonderful blog here http://www.fleetstreetfox.com/2012/06/view-from-north-korea.html.

In a similar vein is the wonderful John Stewart daily show.http://liberalconspiracy.org/2012/06/05/watch-jon-stewart-rips-queens-jubilee-coverage/ Liberal conspiacy have a link to a clip, its focused on the CNN coverage with a fawning Piers Morgan, but BBC and sky not so different.

Was watching some of the concert, Cliff singing devil woman to her madge. Rolf. Grace Jones hula hooping while singing. Madness on the roof? Headline writes itself.

Also some interesting documentaries. Royals took the land for Buckingham Palace by kicking out anyone who lived there before, in order for Henry 8 to have hunting near London. Some "earned" peerages by "servicing" the King. Nell Gwyns children being the best known examples.

Odd how we are in the worst economic times for years, those most in need are suffering. Yet millions can be found for entertainment, and in a few weeks billions for the Olympics. People will soon see through the scam. Already Lib Dem membership is decimated, they didnt join to prop up Tories. Omnishambles continues.

Time for a change.

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