Thursday, 31 May 2012

Social Mobility

According to reports there is little social mobility amongst the professions 

'Unlock the closed-shop professions' - UK Politics - UK - The Independent

Politicians, media and the law seem dominated by public schools and Oxbridge. Just look at MPs, particularly the cabinet.

I work in construction where there are very few from this background. Anecdotally its one of the few places for those with criminal records. There are plenty of politicians who should have a criminal  record but those who  set the laws seem able to break them. Imagine if anyone else could simply pay the money back when caught, prisons would be nearly  empty.

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howard thomas said...

Social mobility started to go wrong when most of the grammar schools were killed off. The whole point of these schools was to provide a top class academic education for free to anyone that had the ability, regardless of background, and one that would rival the private schools. What would have been a good idea though would be the opportunity for others to be accepted at a slightly later stage , maybe at 12 or 13.
I've no doubt that those with the money to send their children to private schools know that even a 'less able' child will achieve better grades at such a school than they would have done at a state school.