Monday, 14 May 2012

Green Leader

Today Caroline Lucas announced she wasn't standing in the next leadership election. If you are used to other parties you might assume she was retiring from politics but Greens are not like this. Being leader helped raise Carolines profile and this aided her to become an MP. Also doubling our membership, increasing out number of Cllrs and helping us beat the LD in London. She will be hoping that being leader will help raise the profile of another Green who may also become an MP. There are many Greens who would be great MPs, from MEPs Jean Lambert and Kieth Taylor to London AM Darren Johnson and Jenny Jones who did so well in the Mayoral election. Also good candidates are deputy leader Adrain Ramsey, and MP candidates in the last GE who are already high profile like Tony Juniper and Jonathan Porrit. But of you are from the big old three partied things seem different. One Tory who* lost to Caroline recons we Greens want a return to 1920's Russia! I looked it up. "Disease had reached pandemic proportions, with 3,000,000 dying of typhus alone in 1920. Millions more were also killed by widespread starvation, wholesale massacres by both sides, and pogroms against Jews in Ukraine and southern Russia. By 1922, there were at least 7,000,000 street children in Russia as a result of nearly 10 years of devastation from the Great War and the civil war." Quite terrible but clearly nothing to do with Green policies. Privatise and destablise the NHS and maybe thats the path the Tories want. Only the wealthy will get decent health or education. * apparently Charlotte Gore used to say that Greens were like tge BNP!

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