Friday, 11 May 2012

Petition To Include Transport In Emission Targets

Tell the UK government that it can't pick and choose what to include in its carbon target! » Planes and cargo boats consume vast quantities of fossil fuels, releasing equally large amounts of greenhouse gases. Excluding them from carbon targets is senseless. If a country doesn’t include such significant producers, its carbon target is rendered pretty meaningless.   However, that is exactly the situation in the UK, which needs to decide this year whether to include aviation and shipping in its long-term carbon targets.  Rather than watering down carbon targets with a handy get-out clause, the UK must be realistic. Carbon emissions don’t disappear just because you ignore them. For a carbon target to have an effect, it needs to include all sources. Don't let excuses interfere with action. Tell the UK to include aviation and shipping in its carbon targets.  »

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howard thomas said...

The same applies to all statistics. If you don't put all the information in the results will be pointless. Why do you suppose that crime levels are 'falling' ?