Friday, 18 May 2012

Roof Madness

You could not have made this up. Under Cameron missiles will be sited on roofs in London for the Olympics Talk about putting residents in danger Imagine if one of them went off, any number of people could be killed. Naturally residents are trying to stop this, but I suspect they hsve no chance At a time of financial hardship endlesd billions go on vanity projects like the Olympics with a huge security budget 5 billion is going on AWE though the cold war has been over for mamy years


howard thomas said...

Adrian ,...It is well worth remembering that the olympics were awarded to London well before the financial problems hit. The budget figures that were given at the time were obviously going to be exceeded........aren't they always no matter what project we are talking about? As to imagining a missile exploding on a rooftop, I think you are letting your imagination run away a bit on this one. And suppose that security wasn't at a high state of readiness and then something happened. There is no winning for the government on this one.
Talking of costs, perhaps it would be worth comparing the alleged £9billion bill for the olympics with the latest £10billion that the UK has just lent to the IMF which will no doubt end up being used to prop up the Euro.At least with the olympics we shall have something for our money !

Adrian Windisch said...

The 10bill was a loan,, though ill judged. The 12 bill is jyst wasted, its what put Greece in trouble from their Olympics

missiles are not normally kept near homes, they are very dangerous. Bettet to have kept some harriers nearby. But cam sold em

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