Friday, 16 September 2011

Shut Down DSEi

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas hasfound cluster munitions openly being promoted at the Defence System and Equipment International Exhibition (DSEi) being held in London, in breach of UK law.

Caroline Lucas said, “ I’m shocked that the British Government seems unable or unwilling to police arms sales happening here on its own soil. This is the second breach this week of the UK export control act 2002, and who knows how many others are happening.

Since the government has demonstrated that it is unable to control arms sales in this country, this exhibition should be shut down.”


Steve said...

Do you think we sold or donated weapons to the Libyan escapade as supported by leading party members like Rupert Read and Richard Lawson?. What's the party policy on selling arms? "It depends" by any chance? Or "when we think it's a good idea" maybe?

Adrian Windisch said...

If you would read the post you will see its aimed at stopping the trade in illegal banned weapons.

Selling weapons when its a good idea would be a better policy than selling to the dictators we have been selling them to.

Green Party policy is here

"Any defence policy must be consistent with international law"


Cluster weapons are no worse than any otehr arms which are ultimately designed to hurt and kill.

The cluster munitions used by the Gad in Lybia have been shown to be American in origin and were sold (allegedly) by Israel from the 'off shore' American storage facility.

I don't understand your comment 'selling weapons when it's a good idea' - this is based upon who's idea of good you're referring to.

Adrian Windisch said...

most weapons are designed to kil but some are judged to be in violation of international law. Depleted uranium, clusterbombs as well as buological amd chemical weapons.

we sell weapons to many coumtries that are allies, and have similar stanndards to ours.

Steve said...

So when is it a "good idea"? And who would decide for us?

And that also presumably means we'd need an arms industry to build the weapons to enable us to kill (by legal means) whichever brown people we're annoyed with?