Tuesday, 13 September 2011

New Threat Bath Road Reservoir Reading

Message from the campaign to save the Bath Road Reservoir. I have supported them since this blog in 2007. Despite the sucess in January the developers are back again with another proposal.

Thames Water has partnered Bewley Homes and will be submitting a new detailed planning application for the Bath Road Reservoir site in the very near future. In case they have failed to contact you – Thames Water are holding a public consultation about their new plans on Sat 24th Sept, in Downshire Square Church Hall, from 2 – 6pm.

We URGE you to attend this consultation tomake your views known– after losing at the 2010 Public Inquiry; they will have revised this planning application, so there is a greater likelihood of it being accepted.

Whilst the Localism Agenda proposes to give communities a stronger voice, Reading Borough Council cannot reject planning applications simply on overwhelming public opposition; there must also be legitimate planning reasons. The outcome of the Public Inquiry meant some previous objection reasons will not carry weight (e.g. biodiversity, traffic and parking); so future objections will need to focus around issues such as it’s appropriateness in respect to the nature and character of the local area (density, building heights, materials etc), and potential damage to the
setting of the Water Tower and historic environment.

Attending the consultation will allow you to voice any opposition and concerns about aspects of their proposal – e.g. their insistence on keeping 2.5 and 3-storey buildings despite previous recommendations of a maximum of 2-storeys; the proposed numbers and density; the height of the building platform and the buildings themselves; the lack of community amenities; the demolition process – prior to any building, the site would be flattened and concrete broken up (meaning about 2 years of noise 9-5, with all the dust, noise, dirt on the roads, vibration (potentially
increasing the risks of subsidence problem).

We strongly urge you to attend and have your say in your future and that of the area; but to also not be seduced by their glossy presentation – these proposals will have huge impacts. Express your objections to the unsatisfactory parts of the plans (e.g. 2.5 and 3 storey buildings, heights, density, building platform heights, lack of amenities) and express to TW the sort of ‘conditions’ we would want in place to minimise the impact, were it to go through – these could include restricting demolition work on weekends, effective air quality and noise monitoring,
damping down demolished concrete to reduce dust spread, noise limitations,
breaking up the concrete off site, restrictions on vehicle sizes etc.

On this day we also hold our annual ‘street party’ with attractions for both children and adults, BBQs, music etc - beginning at midday. We will host hourly walks from Western Road round the corner to TW’s consultation in Downshire Square - starting 2pm at the north end of Western Road - to ensure that everyone is able to attend TW’s consultation. We invite you to join us, not only in attending this consultation but also to the street party - we will thank everyone who attends the consultation and comments with a glass of punch and an invite to the street party!

If you have any questions please telephone either:
Graham on 07808 143649
or Mel on 07866 500854

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