Monday, 19 September 2011

Dale Farm Eviction

what a shame that the Dale Farm communuty is to be broken up by Basildon council. The residents owm the land but dont have plamming permissiom for all of it.

A shame that it could not be settled by negotiations but rather what many are describing as a battle. there are better ways to do things. People may get hurt and lots of money has been wasted.

Activists have aparently been building brick walls as barriers.


Steve said...

The 'better' way to do it is to apply for planing permission like everyone else has too.

Adrian Windisch said...

Comment by Gideon accidentally deleted, sorry.

"It's funny how the folk at Dale Farm are all behind the law when it rules in their favour but choose to oppose it when it opposes them?"

My response;
A bit like many other people then, including me.