Saturday, 25 June 2011

"Green Party Of Government"

Climate change minster Huhne points to Britain's woeful record on renewables, being one of the worst in Europe. Doesnt mention the vast number of LD Cllrs who vote against renewables schemes; though to be fair Lab and Tory are if anything worse.

As the confused Nick Clegg said 'the LibDems have long been the greenest of the main three parties - the difference now is that it is not just a green party but a green party of government'.

All three have an apalling record on renewables. Tory, Labour and LibDem

Greenhouse gas emissions increased 2.9 per cent last year. Domestic CO2 emissions alone jumped 13.5 per cent during 2009, the DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) said, partly attributing the surge on a cold winter and the lack of effective insulation in many British homes. Which they have done very little to improve the situation now puts UK emissions at about 17 per cent below benchmark 1990 levels. Mostly due to using more gas and less coal power generation, not any green initiatives.

The UK needs to implement a further 17 per cent reduction over the next nine years to hit the target of 34 percent.

The emissions rise is due in part to the recession hitting industry and energy use, 2009 had seen large falls in greenhouse gases (down 8.7% on 2008). But the increase means that the UK's target of cutting emissions by 35% by 2022 is now harder to meet.

Campaigners warned that the rise showed that efforts to transform the UK's economy on to a low-carbon footing were not working.

Andy Atkins, executive director of Friends of the Earth, said: "Our economy is as dangerously hooked on fossil fuels as it was twenty years ago – so emissions are bound to rise as the economy picks up. The government has repeatedly promised to build a low-carbon economy to tackle climate change and insulate us all from yo-yoing fuel prices, but the Treasury refuses to lay the foundations or pay for the bricks."

The total amount of UK greenhouse gas emissions produced during 2010 was 491.7 million tonnes, according to the DECC, although this figure may be revised at a later date. The release of this data coincided with a separate report on global investments into renewable energy.

Previously ranked the world number three in terms of both current and future renewable investments, the UK now sits behind at least ten other nations in a new league table topped by China.

“Britain's blighted by inefficient and draughty homes which is why we want to help people waste less energy through the Green Deal and install new cleaner technologies to heat their homes”, Chris Huhne, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, explained. “As we come out of recession the [Conservative and Liberal Democrat] Coalition's determined to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. That's why we are pushing on all fronts to turn around Britain's woeful record on renewables.”

They took the name of the Green Deal from us but its so watered down its not cut emissions yet. The Greens want 10% cuts in emissions every year. So do many people. Remember 10:10, 10% cuts in 2010.
Lets see some real action on cutting Emissions


Gareth Epps said...

Not taking any lectures on the environment from a cheerleader for a party that wants to see long-distance travel done by air while blocking high speed rail for anyone north of London.

Adrian Windisch said...

Are you competing with Howard for most ridiculous comment of thw month?

Unlike the LD, Greens looked at the emissions. No significamt reductions Were offered. And it seems no planes fly to Birmingham so actually no flights would be replaced. And the countrside dug up for no purpose Back to the drawing board for you.

A slighly slower train could use existing track and so be much cheaper and quicker to build. Then move onto the next phase and get onto the north and actually replace some planes while we are still alive.

Meanwhile LD are proud to be building airports, see the link in the post. Gareth if you want to be Green ditch the LD.

Seems the LD Like to award themelves the title Green while increasing emissions, no chance.

Gareth Epps said...

You really don't get it, do you?

Internal flights don't just run London-Birmingham.

Adrian Windisch said...

Your the one that doesnt get it.
have all thats needed to persuade any Green minded person to abandon the LD.

One of many LD opposing wind energy here
Theres the motorway building, the airport building. No need to go on, unless you want to engage a little more Gareth.

Adrian Windisch said...

Tory MEPs defy David Cameron over greenhouse gas targets, who threaten to oppose the 30% cut in emissions committed by the PM.

Almost half of motorists are cutting back on journeys for financial reasons, according to a survey by the RAC.

howard thomas said...

Hi Adrian....which ridiculous comment was that in particular?
Surely not the one where I asked you how, by paying out vastly inflated feed in tariffs for electricity, and therefore increasing the cost of power, that more low income people would therefore find themselves in 'fuel poverty'.
Or was it the one that said that climate change is not proved, as would seem to be believed by our government, as their lack of action and in some cases downright discouragement of technology that could make vast differences would seem to prove. Perhaps you think that I don't know what I am talking about........but guess what ......I do!
There is a lot more to energy use than more loft insulation.

Adrian Windisch said...

Hard to choose which of your comments are the most ridiculous Howard. You have no idea about climate change, no matter how often you say you dont believe it you have yet to prove anything.

You speak endlessly about traffic but have no solution, you cant just keep endely building roads, there will be no land left. Get people out of cars by investing in public transport, cycle and pedestrian provision.

You claim to represent voters but everything you say seems to be coming from you. You seem to be informed by reading tabloid headlines, did a little deeper and do some research if you want to know whats happening.

howard thomas said...

Comment on the fuel poverty issue if you can Adrian , because to date you have ignored the obvious fact that if you increase the cost of fuel then more people will be in fuel poverty !!!!! Its as simple as that !
Oh Adrian ,with regard to roads you clearly haven't been paying attension. Look at what is happening in Reading. RBC have been going out of their way for some years to deliberately increase congestion, which helps nobody including the bus companies. You don't have to build roads all the time to solve congestion, but you do have to use the ones we have properly, which incidentally doesn't have to cost a great deal of money !
With regards to reading tabloids, that reminds me of another answer that you side stepped. ie. What newspapers are not "right wing press" in your view ?

Adrian Windisch said...

Howard, just repeating the same think is just boring. I answered your question when you first asked it. Unlike you I dont feel the need to repeat that.