Sunday, 2 May 2010

Big Parties Exposed as Anti Onshore Wind, Elephant in the room

What a crazy debate on the BBC Politics Show South this lunchtime. It was done in a rural setting, and seems rather different to the other debates I have seen.

The big three parties were exposed as having the same agenda, all want off shore wind but don't dare support on shore, though its cheaper and Greener.

Another Elephant in the Room was second homes, which destroys communities. Is it fair for some people to be homeless while second homes sit empty? The most attractive places to live are now empty off season, which kills of local shops and services. Not having a Green at this debate meant that the panel didn't voice these opinions, luckily there were people in the audience who did. And no word about insulating homes. A debate without the Greens is a bit shallow, three people saying much the same thing.

Present were; Bob Walter North Dorset, Jim Knight South Dorset(Lab) & Sue Farrant (LD) West Dorset

Q1 Is DEFRA the Department for Eradicating of Farming and Real Agriculture?
C. Yes thats right. Tackle bovine TB with a cull.
LD. No need to reinvigorate farming, its already vigorous. Too many farm inspectors. Cull animals to stop bovine TB.
L. Wrong about DEFRA. Against cull, wants vaccine.

Q2 Solve Housing problem in the area for young people?
L. Massive problem, home buyers direct helps lend money. Kickstart built 22,000 homes. More rental and council homes. Keen on cooperative. Need to build more houses.
C. Building fewer under Lab, house price 13x ave income. Build more affordable homes. Need local jobs, less commuting.
LD. Passionate about this problem, since tory sell off council houses, Lab done nothing, need innovative ways, 1 in 30 homes standing empty.
CPREL Ghost villages as second housing, release them to house people.
Elephant in the room #1

Q3 Wind Farms intrusive poorly sighted industrial scale
LD Reduce emissions but build offshore so no blot on the landscape, convert shipyards.
C Don't damage countryside, wind didn't blow much in the area, ugly industrial turbines. Tidal power better.
L Nuclear, offshore wind can provide jobs.
Peter Henley: none of you are supporting on shore wind Elephant in the room #2
L. Onshore has to be in the right place, wave power
Environmentalist; We need onshore wind, far behind targets, need to do much more. Landscape is already protected, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
L We don't want it in our back yard.
C Target set by region, nonsense, wind doesn't blow in these areas.
LD Needs to be dealt with sensitively.
Local young person; We are not all against wind.
C. 2000 objections and 3 lettrs in favour for recent scheme.
Member of Youth Parliament; fossil fuels running out, we need to do it sooner than later.

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