Monday, 3 May 2010

WIMBY campaign; the answer is blowin' in the wind

Guest post from embracemyplanet
Reading Wind Turbine
In the run up to the election we’ve seen the three main political parties issue their manifestos on climate change. However, there is still distinct lack of urgency when it comes to ensuring climate change is on the political agenda.

The Guardians’ live debate last week indicated political figures remain sceptical on the urgently of tackling climate change - despite scientists agreeing global emissions to peak and begin to reduce in the next decade.

This conclusion substantiates research carried out for RenewableUK by polling company ComRes, which indicated a clear disconnect between the political parties green manifestos and opinion polls. 42% of Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) disagreed with the statement ‘expansion of onshore wind is essential if the UK is to deliver on its renewable energy targets.’

As wind supporters, you’ll understand the importance of campaigning on a local and national level. You may have already signed up to the WIMBY campaign to support onshore wind farms. You can now lobby your local MP to sign the WIMBY pledge and show they support wind energy by going to and by clicking on the pink election button.

You can also become a fan on the Facebook page and follow our Twitter handle

Since we launched the WIMBY campaign last week there has been a great response from wind supporters who have begun to lobby their MPs. We are now on the look out for interested members who would like to feature in 30 second vox pop videos talking about why wind energy matters and asking others to sign up to the WIMBY pledge. If you’re interested in taking part and
helping us spread the wind energy word, please contact us by emailing adam at

Together, we can campaign for a Britain that’s powered by safe, clean renewable energy.

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Alex Kirke said...

YBF claims to be a 'non-partisan' body but I can assure you it is as Tory as fox hunting. It is run by Tories (Dan Hannan is the president) and is kind of an informal training body for future activists.

I think its fair to say that leaflet counts as Conservative literature.