Friday, 24 June 2011

Coalition Target Women

People are starting to notice that the coalition are targeting women, but not in a good way.

Its women by and large who are most affected by the cuts in public services, women who are affected by the unfair pension changes. And women are least likely to receive the benefit from any stimulus packages.

Women all over the world are rising up and many of the revolutions today in the arab world are being led and started by women who have had enough. Notably even in repressive Saudi.

Let us make absolutely sure we dont perpetuate it here. Resist the cuts to public sector workers pensions, womens pensions, care health and education budgets- where women are the majority of the workforce.

So why do these get cut first ? Do they think women are more compliant and will make least fuss- lets resist such an old fashioned and regressive attitude by government !

This has been a guest post by
Miriam Kennet
Though I edited it and am responsible for the contents.

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