Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Vote A Get B

Sounds silly doesn't it. The implication that you vote for one thing and get another. Yet in Reading that kind of talk is getting more common, not by voters but by the ruling coalition.

Cllr Wills repeats these slurs here, Cllr Swaine here.

In Park Ward the new Conservative leaflet seems entirely negative.
"It makes no difference if you vote Green or Red.
The only Green Councillor has voted with Labour at every opportunity
Vote Green get Labour
Vote Green get Red"

Have they really got nothing to say about their candidate, who is after all the incumbent Cllr? From the language it seems they see the Greens as the big threat, I hope they are scared of us.

Remember the slogan Vote Blue Go Green? Its the same thought process, from the same party, and not true in either case.

Being in opposition means when you disagree with them, you vote against the ruling party. If there is more than one oposition then they may both vote the same way. Is it one of both of their faults? Why not blame Labour for voting the same way as the Greens? Its as silly that way round as the other. Funnily enough you only hear this sort of stuff at elections. Is it any wonder that voters don't believe politicians? Unfortunately this understandable cynicm means even the honest ones get caught up.

And in other areas, or at other times, conservatives and LD Cllrs do the same thing when in opposiion. How odd that they seem to thing its a criticism in others.


dazmando said...

I'm with you on this one, I'm sure if labour end up in power and they do something the green cllr or party diagree with then your vote against, vote green get red is silly, you guys are defo not labour.

Adrian Windisch said...

Cheers Dazmando. We opposed Labour when they were in power in Reading before, so of course we would if they got back in.

Actually in the past when Labour were in power the big three parties often voted the same way, we were then the only oppoaition.