Monday, 2 May 2011

End Of Allotments From The 'Greenest Govt Ever'

Oh dear, yet another setback from the government that told us it would be the 'greenest ever'. Selling of allotments is a new low.

The Government that:
plans to scrap green laws
forest sell off, u turn, then u turn again,
rejects sustainable transport plan,
failure of carbon plan,
redefine zero energy homes
and many more.

The government puts up for sale 300,000 allotments. Plot-holders are up in arms over the plans to scrap historic right to council land.

The century-old right of people to demand an allotment from their council may be abolished by the Government under plans to scale back red tape.

Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, is examining plans to free local authorities from a 103-year-old obligation to provide plots of public land for cultivation by gardeners. The proposals could see local authorities, many of them strapped for cash under government-imposed cuts, selling off allotment land for profit.

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weggis said...

Let's give em a kick in the ballot box on Thursday...