Saturday, 23 April 2011

'Greenest Government Ever' plans to scrap green laws

On Monday, it was revealed that the government might scrap vital laws which protect wildlife and the countryside and help stop climate change. Some Tories have branded the rules ‘red tape’ and say they could be scrapped within months!

We need to work together to make sure our wildlife, our countryside and our planet are protected.

In the past, David Cameron has made headlines promising to run "the greenest government ever". Scrapping these laws would be a disaster for all of us, including his party. We are all in this together after all.

Please take 30 seconds to speak up for legal protection for wildlife and the environment, sign 38 degrees petition

Among the laws under threat are the Climate Change Act and the Wildlife and Countryside Act. These aren’t little-known laws that no one cares about. The Wildlife and Countryside Act protects wild birds, their nests and eggs, and makes sure that national parks and marine reserves are protected. The UK’s Climate Change Act was a world first which was an attempt to start to reduce our emissions.

We know that when we work together we can make sure the government doesn’t get away with plans which could hurt the environment. When they decided to try to sell off our forests, over half a million of us got together and convinced them to drop their plans.

The government says it is "consulting" before scrapping these laws - so let's give them a consultation response they can't ignore! Please help make sure we have a huge petition telling the government to keep laws which protect our wildlife and our environment.

Sign the petition to send a powerful message to David Cameron and the government:

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