Tuesday, 26 April 2011


The latest trends in superinjunction seem a waste of time.

Despie a judges ruling that the names cannot be mentioned anywhere on the Earth, he didnt count on the net. Some internet sites, such as twitter, have seen this as a challene. Most of the country has internet access, so despie the traditional media being muzzled; almist anyone who wans to know the names can find out.

Indeed because of the way its been done, far more attention has been paid to this than would otherwise have been the case.

Once again the law appears to be an ass. Just as a few yeas ago people would sell the book "spycatcher" on the streets as it wasnt available in the shops. And record banned by the BBC sold extra copies. Even before the net people found a way. Now it just takes seconds.

Time for MPs to reform the law, i it looks ridiculous so do many institutions. I recall Clegg promising to be the greatest reformer in centuries. A little less talk and more action required.

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