Thursday, 28 April 2011

Royal Weeding

Some sort of Wedding tomorrow, most have got the day off so time to do some weeding.

I am not a big fan of Royalty, though I wish them well. If they paid tax properly I would like them more. So I wont be watching the live coverage or attending a street party.

BBC Radio Berkshire is really going Wedding crazy with loads of airtime this week. Partly as Kate is a Berkshire girl, she is from Bucklebury.

Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have not been invited to the royal wedding, and the Syrian ambassador has despite killing peaceful protesters, Saudi Arabia also. But not Obama, who must be devastated.

cheers Jim Jepps for posting the official policy of the Green Party of England and Wales towards the monarchy.

No person should acquire the right to any office of government by inheritance.
The monarchy should cease to be an office of government. The legislative, executive and judicial roles of the monarch should cease.

Peers and members of the royal family should have the same civil rights and fiscal obligations as other citizens.

We think a settlement of property held by the current royal family should be made, to divide it between that required for the private life of current members of the family and that to be public property.

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Adrian Windisch said...

I should add that the pun on weeding was insired by a group of guerrilla gardeners.

People are asked to plant seeds on may day apparently.

Unfortuately I had to come in to work so no weeding done so far