Thursday, 5 May 2011

Today is the day, local elections and AV referendum. This is the first chance in a year to tell our "leaders" what we think of them. Kivk em out, give the Greens a chance. And if you live in an area with ni candidate stand yourself.

Unfortunately some people are saying the AV vote is all about Clegg. What a shame, the first chance in how many decades to change a system and some want to waste it. Much as you may dislike Nick Clegg he is not worth it. Besides who would approve of Cleggs other half, Cameron. He is a Blaired version of Thatcher. All PR but the substance is Thatherism.

And what did Thatcherism give us? Industry cut, nations resources sold of. Banks deregulated, look what that resulted in, the current disaster that they blame on Brown.

So kick em all out and gives Greens a chance.

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