Thursday, 5 May 2011

Conserative Crok

Is this what the Tories have sunk to?

Just confronted Cllr Hussain over this appaling leaflet. He justified it saying Cllr White voted 100% along with Labour, clearly a lie.

The local Tory MP Rob Wilson showed up, when I asked him about this he looked a bit sheepish. He wouldnt say a word to back up Cllr Hussein, said leave the postmortem till after the election. I gave him a chance to retract, he didnt take it. So now he too is damaged by this, as is their entire party. Shame on them.


Steve said...

What was the breakdown of the votes?

How many times did the Green actually vote 'with' Labour?

dazmando said...

Im not even sure why tories think this is bad, are Green voters not more left wing than Labour anyway, bet they would rther vote Green these days if they had the option and they can win.

Good luck to him

Adrian Windisch said...

Good point Dazmando, cant wait for result tomorrow. Many peole will take this as a positive endorsement of the Greens.

Steve, I dont have that information. I chalenged a tory councillor making those claims to provode it.

An example of Greens voting seperately from Labour is here
Where Rob has a seperate amendment to the budget.

Gareth Epps said...

The Reading East MP has never been known for telling the truth, and was playing the race card on the AV campaign before anyone else had started theirs.

More later.

Adrian Windisch said...

What did he say Gareth?

Steve said...

So you don't actually know how many times the Green voted with Labour?

So it may well be every time. Or the vast majority of the time.

I suggest you find out and post the information here.

Adrian Windisch said...

If you read the previous post you will a recent case of a Green amendment. Not Rob voting on a Labour one. So clearly not 100%

I have challenged those making the claim to provide figures, not being on the council myself I dont have access to that. I expect they dont keep records as I have yet to see an answer.

Steve said...

you've made a claim, you provide some figures.

You stated something with some certainty, yet now you admit to not having any figures. I know it's only the internet but at least be consistent.

Adrian Windisch said...

I am consistent. And if you keep asking the same question I will delete your comments. Read what I say first.