Friday, 6 May 2011

Video Of Victory In Park Ward

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However - you as a party supported the change to A.V. - you were totally out of step with the British population on this one - would you admit that you were wrong?

Adrian Windisch said...

As I said at the time, AV wasnt a good choice but its better than FPTP. But this wasnt a particularly fair vote, most of the media backed No, and the No campaign managed to turn it into a vote on Clegg.

And Clegg gave it very little chance in the first place by providing amunition to the No camp, saying it was a 'miserable little compromise'.

He should have insisted on a referendum on PR or AV+, something many people are actually entusiastic about.

The Local election was largely about people turning from Clegg, so no surprise it lost really. Shame it was a wasted opertunity.