Saturday, 7 May 2011

Local Elections, if it was PR

If we had PR, how different the outcome would be.

I noticed in Reading that the total Green vote (4999) was quite close to the LD (5719).

If we voted with PR for all the council seats, we would have about 15 Con, 18 Lab, 6 LD, 5 Greens and an independent. Except many voted tactically, they would not have under PR.

With first past the post (and elections in thirds) we have Lab 22; Con 16; LD 5 ; 2 Green; 1 Independent.

Its as though we were robbed by the Tories and Labour, you can see why many of them dont like the idea of a fairer system.

If only the referendum had been about PR. Instead we were saddled with a choice described as a 'miserable little compromise' by the man "leading" the campaign.

The low stanards of the No campaign were matched by the poor quality of the Yes one. It was like fighting with both hands tied behind your back, not a surprise we lost. I blame some of it on Clegg, who should have held out for PR or AVplus, something campaigners could have really got behind. So lets not expect any reform for many years, a victory for the Tories and many in Labour who benefit. The loosers are the ordianry voters, though many don't know it yet.

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