Friday, 6 May 2011

Great Victory In Reading

In Park Ward Melanie Eastwood has become the second Green Cllr in a historic victory. The Greens now have group status.
green 1585. 43%
lab. 1213. 33
Con. 732. 20
LD. 123. 3

So farewell Wazir and congratulations Cllr Melanie Eastwood.

Other news in Reading, LD leaderless as lab win in Redlands. Tories did well overall outside Park where they were dismal

There is much speculation about who is left in controll of the council. If Lab can form an alliance it may be them. Some are suggesting a Lab/Green alliance but thats news to us.

I would support any party on a policy I agreed on but not an alliance. In Oxford the Greens formed a coalition a few yeas ago and were blamed for everything that went wrong. Much as has happened to the LD. Lets see what our Cllrs decide, they meet to discuss this soon. Today is for celebrating not deciding.


Jonathan said...

I guess people are looking at the possible combinations to see what is the most likely.

The maths says that the following combinations are possible

Labour + Green
Tory + Lib + Green
Labour + Lib
Labour + Tory

I don't think the result means the Lib Dems are taking the blame for everything the coalition has done. Tory voters voted for Tory policies are are pretty happy with what they've got, so they voted for more. Lib Dem voters did not vote for a Tory government so they are a lot less happy with with they got.

In the same way, Green voters chose your colleagues instead of Richard McKenzie because they wanted something different from what Labour has to offer. If they get red as a result of voting green, they probably won't be too happy.

Adrian Windisch said...

You and most commentators are missing one posibility. Two years ago Lab had the most cllrs but could have been outvoted by the others. It was called a Minority administration.

The only time I can recall the LD and tories combined to vote against lab was there choice of mayor.

Why not do this again.