Friday, 6 May 2011

Leaflet of Tory Shame 2

squating, what was actually said
Jenny Jones Green Party candidate for Mayor:
"I don't want to see squatters take over people's homes or damage their property. But I also don't want to see people criminalised for making good use of buildings left vacant for months or years while they are unable to access a home they can afford.

"Councils need to make better use of their enforcement powers, and the Mayor needs to support local groups who can bring empty properties back into use. Let's treat the problem, not ban the symptoms."

When Mayor Boris scrapped plans to raise the congestion charge to £25 Jenny Jones said: "The London mayor has put the interest of the few above the needs of the planet.

"We know that green taxes work. Last year, Londoners bought more low emission cars than gas guzzlers for the first time ever."


Steve said...

interesting, no?

Adrian Windisch said...

But is it accurate? Perhaps a misquote, as it dosnt seem to be verified by another source. It does happen sometimes.