Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Tree Cathedral

There is a Woodland near Whipsnade Dunstable that has been planted in the shape of a Cathedral. It was done by two men in memory of friends who didnt return from World War One.

On the internet I saw some pictures of what looked like a wedding, and thought what a good idea. Its now owned by the national trust but doesnt have a proper website. To find out anything you have to call the trustees. They wont alow weddings or any ceremony they feel is not appropriate, I assume they mean whitches or druids. You can have a wedding blessing but I'm not sure what that is.

In this day and age you can get married skydiving, underwater, pretty much anywhere. Or so I thought.

I went at the weekend to have a look, and was almost ran over by some dogs. The floor was unfortunatly covered in dogshit. So more than one reason not to have a wedding there. What a shame, a wonderful place undersold and poorly looked after.

Tree Cathedral,
Bedfordshire LU6 2LL
Telephone: 01582 872406

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