Wednesday, 13 April 2011

No Confidence In Landsley

Nurses today voted that they had no confdence in Health Secretary Andrew Landsley.

He turned up at their conference but only met a small group. "Congress is going to interpret it as him not having the courage to speak to them" said Peter Carter RCN general secretary.

After months of this policy being under attack, the government said last week it would pause for reflection and run another consultation, even though the bill underpinning the changes has already started progressing through Parliament.

Another embarasment from the Government, U turn soon please.

Incidentally in a hospital recently I saw Landsley appear on the TV screens by the beds (a service that costs about £5 a day). He appeared to be advertising the service, Hospedia. I have yet to find any reference to this however.


Ken said...

There appears to be a divide in responses the coalition’s NHS changes.

Those who are responding to media reports about the policy appear to a have negative reaction (at least that’s how it seems to me from anecdotal evidence).

However, those who have responded to the White Paper and the draft legislation as it has passed through the Commons appear to be more constructive.

It appears there may be a mis-match between the government’s policy and the reports coming from the media about the policy.

Adrian Windisch said...

Like most people I respond to what Landsley has said.

As many health professionals are against his reorganisation I suspect it wont happen.

racheljayne24 said... - Hospedia if this is the service already being used by Worcester Royal hospital then its appallingly filtered,web search for fluoride - nothing, web search formaldehyde - nothing. All it really does do is allow you to be hypnotized in to a trance by t.v. Oh and deliver surveys to you asking what you think of government, and who should control NHS money e.c.t. And not forgetting my favorite question - would i like to be able to access my medical records through the internet via Hospedia's service ?, do these men know how dangerous the internet can be ?,do they realize the potential disruption of all hospital sensitive equipment that has a plug ?. Sorry about the little rant x

Adrian Windisch said...

Cheers Racheljayne, good comment.