Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Clegg Internship Gaff

The incleasingly gaff prone Clegg was forced to admit it was "wrong" that his own career had been boosted by his dads connections when he was starting out. His father got him an internsip at a bank and his first job in politics.

This was revealed while the deputy prime minister was announcing a drive to end unpaid internships. Oops.

Internships are indeed a way that social mobility has been reduced, only the wealthy can afford for their children to do this.

In some respects we are a meritocracy, where people are judged on their own talent not who their parents know. But there are too many cases where this is not happening.

There has long been suspicions that Cameron was given a job at Tory central office after a phone call from a relative in the palace.

Cutting benefits for the poorest in society while the richest avoid tax with loopholes will only make it worse. Labour were delighted that the rich got richer so they are no alternative.

The Greens support the equality trust who have done important research on this. Its to societes benefit that we are more equal.


Jonathan said...

Is it wrong to say that everyone should have the opportunities that he had?

Of course he had the opportunity of university education without having to pay £27k in tuition fees, and everyone should have that.

Adrian Windisch said...

Exactly, all should have those chances on life

Sorry the post has so many typos, writing it on my phone. I think my fingets are too fat for an iphone.