Saturday, 2 April 2011

government rejects sustainable transport plan

The "greenest government ever" yet again rejects a plan to reduce emissions. Last week as well as watering down plans for zero energy homes, they also rejected an EU plan for sustainable transport.

The European Commission said phasing out "conventionally fuelled" cars from urban areas would cut reliance on oil and help cut carbon emissions by 60% by 2050.

"We are all paying the price for a transport policy that's been heading in the wrong direction for far too long," Richard Dyer Friends of the Earth's transport director, said. "Phasing out cars that run on fossil fuels from cities is a good way to kick-start action but
despite these headline-grabbing proposals the emission reduction targets in the plan lack ambition," he added.

Transport Secretary Baker in response said somrthing boring about square bananas, what a nana. He may not care but due to peak oil by 2050 fuel prices will be so expensive most people will not be able to afford cars. We need a plan for future gernerations, not a nana in charge.


twickenham20 said...

I was reading about another related issue of chicken meat transported across Europe by Tesco. calls for action!

Here's the link and article is called mind the chicken gap:

Ken said...

Whether their ideas are good or bad, surely we should establish the legitimacy of the eu in relation to UK citizens (via a referendum on our membership) before taking its views over the views of our own government.

As imperfect as our voting system is, at least the coalition has been arrived at through some kind of democracy. I did not vote for the eu commission nor did anybody else.

I prefer democracy with all its imperfections than no democracy at all.

Adrian Windisch said...

Ken, unfortunately for those like you, the democratically elected parties accept the EU. Our systems, such as law, immigratipn etc are at least partly integrated. The military at least seem to still be seperate.