Monday, 27 December 2010

Julian Assange in Beccles, Norfolk

I have not yet blogged about wikileaks yet, hearing about the world press camping out in the sleepy town in Suffolk has make me start.

The third estate writer Salman Shaheen reports on the situation.
The sleepy little market town of Beccles rarely makes it into the news. ...
Parking my car down an old stone track and turning the corner, I was surprised to see a dozen paparazzi camped outside Beccles police station waiting to get a shot of Julian Assange. Chatting to them, I learned that as part of his bail conditions while he is staying with Vaughan Smith at the rather plush Ellingham Hall, Assange must register at the local station every day between 2pm and 5pm.

The paps, sent from civilisation to stand on a frozen empty street in the dark of this provincial little settlement, seemed rather confused by the whole experience. I suspect the locals, who it appears refer to Assange as “that Wikipedia bloke” have also been somewhat confused by the attention the world has been paying to Beccles.

Independant, Biggest thing Beccles has seen since 'that bloke from The Bill'.

The wikileaks website is down, but their message is spread ever wider.

Meanwhile Bradley Manning is still in prison.


Jonathan said...

Wikileaks is still alive at and elsewhere. Don't use the old or as that has been hijacked by a Russian cybercrime gang.

Adrian Windisch said...

Cheers Jonathan. The .ch one seems to work ok.