Friday, 24 December 2010

WoodWatch Campaign Tp Protect Woods And Trees

This year the Woodland Trust have started WoodWatch.

WoodWatch is a campaign that enables communities to fight unnecessary loss of woods and trees, and to prevent highly cherished local woods and greatly needed wildlife habitats being destroyed through the planning system.
These trees were cut down by Tesco at their Oxford Road site, West Reading.

The Woodland Trust have recruited and trained 45 Volunteer Threat Detectors across the UK who identify, research and object to plans that will destroy ancient or native woodland or valuable ancient trees.

The timing couldn't have been better. Government has just announced that from 2011, planning decisions will become more localised and communities will have greater responsibility for deciding what woodland in their neighbourhood is, or is not, secured for the future.

The Woodland Trust are planning to launch an online Advice Centre that will equip
people with all the tools they need to strengthen their voice, and enable communities to go even further to keep our native woodlands and ancient trees safe.

This new resource needs to be as useful as possible! Would you help shape how it works by taking our new survey over the Christmas period?

woodwatch survey

Merry Christmas to all readers.

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Merry Christmas Adrian.