Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Ed Miliband; Why Young People Don't Vote For Labour

New Reading Labour Blogger Duncan Bruce reports on a question he asked of Ed Miliband. I was quite impressed with the answer so repeat it here.

Q: Young people don't vote for Labour, why is that and how can we regain their trust?

A: Young people don't vote for us because they have no reason too. When it comes to issues that young people care about we let them down, we didn't have a good record when you look at things like Iraq, Stop and Search, Tuition Fees, ID Cards, we forgot we were supposed to be the party of civil liberties. The question of how we go about regaining their trust is a far more difficult one, firstly we need to be honest with them and admit we were wrong, we need to draw a line and attempt to rebuild trust through interacting with them, listening to their ideas and making sure they feel that Labour is a party they can contribute too.

Of course there are a few things he missed out, Labours poor record on; the environment, the economy, nuclear weapons, MPs expenses and much more.

I don't have much confidence in Ed, he hasn't done much yet but lets see how he goes.

The Greens by contrast offer a positive choice.

For a short time we are offering free membership to young people. Until the revised closing date of January 8th 2011, students of any age can join the Green Party for free (and you are eligible for this offer if you are under 30 too). The offer is one year's free membership.

Join us today and play your part now towards building a better world - by fighting for education and jobs, helping to tackle climate change, protecting civil liberties and human rights

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