Sunday, 5 September 2010

Wikio Environment Blog Ranking September 2010

After posting about Green Blog rankings a few weeks ago, Wikio contacted me to say they are now doing it themselves. So see below a table of Green Blogs for September 2010. Please be aware that many Green Blogs don't appear on Wikio, and that their way of measuring suits some blogs better than others. This is not a competition. - Environment Ranking Preview - September 2010
1Greenpeace UK blog
2Jonathon Porritt
3Green Ladywell
4Ruscombe Green
5Gaian Economics
6Transition Culture
7The Rubbish Diet
8Barkingside 21
9How can I recycle this?
10Adrian Hollister
11Greener Leith
12Stuart's Big Green Spot
14Suitably Despairing
15Greenconstructionuk's Blog
16Bean Sprouts
17Scorched Earth
19The Compost Bin
20YouGen Blog

Ranking made by Wikio

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Barkingside 21 said...

It also depends upon Wikio categorising blogs correctly. This has been a problem with Total Politics too.