Monday, 6 September 2010

Burfield Vigil

Sunday morning at AWE's secret (nuke bomb factory) sibling at Burfield. This is where the weapons convoys gather carrying nuclear missiles across the country to faslane. AWE Burghfield is the final warhead assembly facility. Its very close to Reading. Taking photographs, and even sketching, is illegal here.

Burfield is the start of the weapons convoys; bombs are transported from there to faslane in Scotland. Nukewatch is an organisation that watches the bombs being transported. They have followed them around the country, while convoys have skidded on ice, broken down, had breaks in laybys. Most people dont even know about this deadly cargo going past most of the country. No radiation warning symbols are carried and neither the public nor local authorities are warned of these nuclear convoys.

If you see a convoy on the move, or passing by your house, be ready to phone us by having these numbers already on your phone...
South: 0845 45 88 364
North: 0845 45 88 365

The nuclear warheads these convoys carry are Weapons of Mass Destruction owned and wielded by the UK Government. Deploying Weapons of Mass Destruction is fundamentally wrong, illegal under international law, deeply hypocritical and flawed in its approaches to the modern world's challenges.



Do you mean Burghfield?

I'm sure that the MoD is considering their position following the arrival of the five of you.

Adrian Windisch said...

Its Burfield in the text, typo in the title.

Protests are powerful, look at equal rights for women, Ghandi or anti slavery.

Its not MOD, private USA corporations now own it, Jacobs, Lockheed Martin and Serco.
Their profit comes first not our safety.