Sunday, 26 September 2010

Tim Carroll RIP

Reading Green Party supporter Tim Caroll, 51, died this week. He passed away on Sunday 19 September sometime in the morning after an acute heart attack.

There is a facebook tribute page, where people are sharing memories and photographs of his eventful life.
Tims desing 1
Rob White said "As well as my political image consultant and the reliable provider one of our election day committee rooms, Tim was passionate about fighting injustice, a source of inspiration and a good friend. I miss him."

Lynelle Murray has A message for Tim...
"Tim you were-are the very sweetest, loveliest and most wonderful man I’ve ever met and I truly wish that having met you again a few short weeks ago that time was still on our side. Everybody whose path you crossed is the richer for knowing you and I’m so very sorry for Jess and all your family and special friends who must be hurting so very much. On a clear, cloudless night Tim you will be the very brightest and most beautiful star in the sky and my precious memories of you will stay in my heart forever."

Karen Rumbol said : "I first met Tim when he drove a group of us to S Wales during the miners strike...and then again during Caramba days....(oh my god he was a hard taskmaster and wasn't impressed with our flyposting and cake making!..but the events were fantastic) a more mellow Tim, letting us use his house for Green party HQ during the election..v inspiring light bulbs and garden pond! I ..will remember his political passion, generosity and huge warm presence."

Catherine Truscott said: "Always remembered for his tremendous skills in celebration and bringing people together, filling a space with his big smiling eyes and even bigger heart. So sad he is no longer sharing his life with us, but what a way to go. Here's to the greater party awaiting us all. Rest in your perfect party Tim. xx"

Eloise Murray-Robertson said "I was lucky enough to see Tim about a month ago at his house. I hadn't seen him for probably years and we had a good catch up. He gave me a tour of his house and we talked about the green cause and all his wonderful plans for his already amazing garden. He appeared well and on form !! He told me about going to the Isle of White festival when he was a child and being inspired to live his life the way he did. He certainly inspired me and I came home full of creative ideas.. The planet has lost one hell of a lovely man."

For the last couple of elections we welcomes the Green Party into his house as a committee room. All day people were coming and going, leafleting, knocking on doors and telling outside the polling station. It was always a pleasure for volunteers to return to his lovely house for a cup of tea.

We miss you Tim, RIP.


Adrian Windisch said... was his company

Anonymous said...

Tim was my younger brother. He was such a big hearted guy who lived life to the max. He had no regrets and was passionate about the state of the world. He would do anything for anybody. I am so grateful for the times we had, especially over the last few years when we really connected. The world is a lesser place without him.

Adrian Windisch said...

I am sorry for your loss Stephen.

The world is a lesser place without him.