Friday, 24 September 2010

Changing face of detention limits

Recent history of detention limits from here

24 hours. Before 2000, terror suspects were covered by ordinary criminal law.

7 days. The Terrorism Act of 2000 brought in a seven-day limit – if police could get the support of a judge.

14 days. The new maximum under the Criminal Justice Act of 2003.

28 days. The current limit, which has been in force since the Terrorism Act of 2006.

42 days. The period championed by the former home secretary Jacqui Smith, but abandoned in 2008 in the face of certain defeat in the Lords.

56 days. Floated by Gordon Brown's government in 2007.

90 days. Tony Blair's preferred limit, thrown out by MPs in 2005 after a Labour rebellion.

The ConDems are said to be considering lowering the 28 day limit. I would expect LibDems to want to reduce it, but I have not seen much on this yet. Greens want to reduce it .

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