Sunday, 27 June 2010

Luddite Blatter

Watching the football today, it became aparent that there is a man determined to keep things in the last century. Other sports let the ref see video footage, refs are human, they can make mistakes.

At the moment everyone watching will know a mistake is made, but there is no way to change the descion. Everyone saw Lampard score a goal, but as the ref didnt see it live, it wasn't allowed. So fouling, cheating, anything is ok as long as the ref doesn't see.

So who is the man responsible? Sepp Blatter, President of FIFA. He has a history as a Luddite. He was elected president of the World Society of Friends of Suspenders, an organisation who tried to stop women replacing suspender belts.

'Germany's far younger and more cohesive team was much better than England's and deserved the win that puts it into the quarterfinals. Lampard's un-allowed goal should not mask the fact that England had a poor World Cup. England has wonderful players who play in the world's toughest league but yet, as a national team, it cannot be taken seriously as a soccer power. Capello has failed in his lavishly paid job to change that enigma.'

There are alo rumours Blatter is corrupt, time for a new President. I understand Tony Blair is available. Only joking, he is busy saving the world.

I had a look at the FIFA website, its very poor. The information is on there but it takes some searching.

I don't follow football much, and I have only heard of the players when the tabloids scream abuse at them. So it was interesting to see them as people playing football, not monsters. Frankly I am not interested in the personal life of sportspeople, or politicians or celebrities. But newspapers seem to need them to sell copies. I suggest people stop bying papers with such rubbish on the front page. I prefer to get my news online anyway, its more up to date, and does not involve sutting down trees.

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