Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Tories Go Tebbit

Tebbit was famous for saying get on you bike to find a job. Actally he ddn't quite say that, he referred to his dad doing this, but thats how it was taken.

So IDS said people should be able to travel to find work, which for many will remind them of Tebbit. They buttered up the policy, saying it wasnt forced, but the implication will be if you are unemployed its your fault.

So we have some areas with huge housing pressure and job oppertunities. And other areas with few oppertunities, crying out for investment. As the ConDems wont invest, the tactic seems to be blame the poor. What is needed is some planning, invest in job opertunities in the areas that need them the most.

Speaking of bikes, why not invest in building bike lanes. As well as insulating houses & renewable energy. Reduce Carbon and unemployment while investing in a better future.

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