Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Britains Weirdest Political Parties

Current TV showed Britains Weirdest Political Parties last night at 10 pm.

Most entertaining was Captain Beany.
Captain Beany doesn't make empty promises - he is stupid but not that stupid!
'MPs have been living the Good Life on expenses while we have all struggled to make ends meet.
“Don't be a meany vote for Beany!

More serious was the Landless Peasants
They want to:
Nationalise Water Supply – Water is a fundamental need for life, a nations government should have few duties beyond its safe supply. What is taxation for but to provide essentials for the people who pay them.
Energy For Every Home – there are 24 million residences in the UK. Fitting each one with modest wind and solar power systems will cost less than Trident. This will give every home its own light and power. If you need more you pay for it, grid electricity will be taxed.
Equal Partners With Business – Corporation tax will be set at 50%. Those who wish to profit from the people of this land are welcome…as partners. Individuals and small businesses will be exempt.
Land For Peasants – Social land , like social housing, will be made available to those who wish to support themselves by their own means. To be part of our nation will mean the right to part of that nation. In a Landocracy all the people share rights and responsibilities to the land of their nation, not just a few.

The True English Poetry Party I think he is publicising poetry, rather than having policies.

The best bit of the show was Readings Howard Thomas (Common Sense Party) saying 'were not nutters, were a ***** political party'. They ignored his anti science and anti immigrant policies though. And accepted that his policies were decided by the voters; how many of the over 70,000 West Reading voters went to his website to express an opinion? I wonder how much it cost to build the land submarine and the boat that looks like a submarine. As a campaigner for transparency in Politics, Howard is curiously silent on this. His policies seem similar to Ukip, I expect he will split the Ukip vote, which may help me in Reading West.

Best of a Bad Bunch 'stand for honesty, decency and democracy and we do not believe that we are being well served in that department by any of the major parties. Part of this is in the very nature of the party system itself with whips telling MPs how to vote and MPs voting as they are told (regardless of the best interests of their constituents) in order to further their careers.'
No one would object to energy saving light bulbs if they actually worked. They don’t. In fact the idea that the old (working) bulbs are illegal under EC rules is not true but nevertheless we have these substandard items foisted upon us. When someone then decides to introduce an energy tax for using energy saving light bulbs then you are going to want someone representing you that is prepared to stand up for fairness and common sense even if they are branded as not caring about the planet, an unjustifiable but inevitable response to common sense and the idea of fairness by rabid greens.
Perhaps they should team up with Howard!

Sadly they missed the Roman Party Ave!


howard thomas said...

Adrian, What is it about our submarine that fascinates you? possibly the colour might not be to your liking, but the cost , to be quite honest, should not be of particular concern to you or anyone else that hasn't paid for it!
For your information however the cost was not actually very much. I am sure you will be delighted to know that the vehichle itself was 'recycled ' from one that was not in use any longer and that the main frame was made from redundant material. Party members constructed the sub and paid for other materials and therefore the 'transparancy' you seem to want is quite irrelevant. This project is not funded by the taxpayer.
You might note Adrian that vistors to our site come from far and wide. We also look at opinion polls , and most importantly listen to what people tell us , rather than trying to broadcast our thoughts without listening.
The fact that the Tories failed to win on Thursday is down to the fact that they didn't sddress the biggest issue in a satisfactory way.The public are well aware of the fact that spending cuts are going to be much bigger than any of the parties are prepared to admit in order to avoid a Greek like scenario, but immigration is the number one topic and one that has been brought up time and time again by people we have spoken to.
The public don't have the choice of voting for a major (big 3 ) party that actually intends to stop the increase in population of England by limiting immigration to a sensible and workable level.
For this reason the Tories have missed the open goal, which is like a footballer missing a penalty kick with the goalkeeper not present.

Adrian Windisch said...

Congratulations on your result in Reading West, and good to finally meet you at the count. I expect driving around in your sub helped your vote considerably.

You have quoted the MPs expenses but ignored the other elephant in the room,who are the backers of the campaign. Who is your Ashcroft/Unison? I look at your vehicle and imagine how much it would cost to buy it or make it. You still havent answered, I would guess 50 to 100 thousand pounds. Thats many many times what I have spent (below £1000, and its my own money).

A few years ago an independent broke the law by spending too much on their leaflet. These things are important. Perhaps you just don't know. You campaign on transparency, but are not transparent.

I was under the impression that Alok and Rob Wilson won in Reading, perhaps I missed something. They did not do so well in the locals mind.

So how many of the 70,000 ish voters views are included on your decision making? Still hoping for an answer.

howard thomas said...

Oh Adrian.....your listening/reading are found to be wanting....again.
When I say the Tories have missed an open goal, I would have thought that you might have been watching what is happening with regard to their negotiations with the Libdems.
If they had actually dealt with the big issues effectively they would no doubt have achieved an impressive majority under our current voting system. Surely you can see that they have failed to do this!
Locally they (the Tories)have actually achieved nothing at all this year, which bearing in mind that many people vote locally based on what they think of the present national governmant, does not bode well for the Tories in their desire to run RBC. Once in any form of government their ratings will probably fall....and therefore their local vote.

With regard to backers , perhaps you should read what we have always written.......there are no big backers to the CSP......how is that difficult to understand?
From my previous comment surely you can see that big money has not been spent , as we have used a redundant vehicle and redundant materials to build much of it. We simply don't have a figure to give you, but you can rest assured that we are very much aware of the rules and how to report both donations and costs which we will do all in good time !!
Your figures/guessing are wild in the extreme.

How many people in the 72,800 electorate in Reading West have visted our site?.....we have no idea because we ask a minimum of info and it doesn't include location!.......but all are welcome and we obviously look at the poll results......which for your information overwhelmingly agree with what we are saying!
This isn't our only source of policy making info , as previously stated!
Its good to meet you and Rob, and once again congratulations to Rob on a fine victory. He very much deserves it. I'm sure he will be much more active on the council than a lot of the current bunch.

Adrian Windisch said...

Howard, I look forward to learning how much it cost eventually. No matter how redudant, to get a vehicle past an MOT and road legal is not cheap. For you to do it yourself of course its cheaper, but you should still give a fair estimate of the cost. And not forgetting the boat, which would be more expensive.

The Tories tried being more right wing, it kept them out of power for 13 years. So I'm not sure what you mean. Its when they talked about going green that they got ahead of Labour. They soon stopped saying it though.

howard thomas said...

Have you seen the boat in the campaign?......therefore irrelevant!
Are you asking me or telling me whats cheap and whats not?
The Tories stopped the talk about being green ,I guess, because perhaps they realised that many people simply don't believe!
There is nothing 'right wing' about the need to limit the population of this country(England).
The Conservatives have failed to grasp the immigration nettle and that is why they find themselves in negotiations with the Libdems.Perhaps you haven't spoken to many people , but we have . The electorate want the immigration issue dealt with!...............and with none of the main parties tackling it many people didn't know who to vote for and so we have the current situation.Something will be sorted out soon,we will just have to wait........but whatever happens I suspect that the arrangement will last only for a small part of 5 years!

Adrian Windisch said...

The boat was on the TV show, and on your website. You decide what to declare, but if you get it wrong its a risk. I don't think you can stand for the next election from inside a prison.

The Tories used Green issues to convince people they werent the same old Tories, they had changed. Under Michael Howard they were regarded as right wing, anti immigrants; you want them to return to that.

I have been knocking on doors for years, I have spoken to many many people. Driving around in circles I expect rather limits conversations.

howard thomas said...

Adrian....you do talk such a load of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!