Saturday, 24 April 2010

Leaders Debate 2, and so it continues

It started with a short speech from each person. Still not any change, just the very limited choice of these three with their similar agenda. So the media and public are given a smaller view of whats on offer than previous elections. LibDems are given a huge boost by being seen as equals. Well I'm many ways they are equals, they are the same in many ways. The differences here are exaggerated, but all of them want to be at war with Afghanistan, all have fine words on climate change but lack any action. All have an agenda of savage cuts, while accusing each other of savage cuts. All see a growing economy as the answer, ignoring our limited resources.

So expect us smaller parties to be squeezed, but we will continue to fight on despite this.

And so to the debate.
Opening statements:
Brown started looking smooth.
Cameron continued looking cross.
Clegg looked very young, talking about his Mum.

Q1 Advantage to being in europe.
Clegg worked for Thatcher.(that explains a lot)
Brown 3 million reasons to be in EU, thats 3 million jobs. But not in building. (Cheers Gordon). Cam understand frustrations of people cheated of referendum (but reneged on promise like the others)
Clegg said google Paedophiles, blamed Tory MEPs.
Brown social chapter gave us paid holidays. (we've had paid holidays long before the EU)
Clegg size does matter
Brown people want us to get on with things.(business as usual) right wing extremists tory sit with eu.
Clegg Tory sit with nutters etc.
B. Remind of my children at bathtime (what a horrible pictue, cheers Gordon) Cam is anti eu Clegg anti american.
Cam Clegg wants us to give up seat on security council
B. That will never happen
Clegg I unlike them have been in the EU negotiations.

Q2. Afghanistan.
Clegg. I support it to keep us safe afg. Though wrong strategy.
B. Alkyada in Somalia chain of terror.
Cam. National interest. Never again without porper equipment. Support afg war.
Clegg 'everyon'e agrees right resources defence review. No eurofighter. No trident renewal.
B. Thoughts with troops def rev in next parl (why the dealy) Somalia and Yemen.
C. Agree with Brown on troops.
Cl. Agree too.
B. Change tactics with troops. Contact with locals.
Cam trident wrong to trade off. Were safer with lots if nukes! (strange definition of safe)
Cl. Terrorists with dirty bombs.
B. Get real Nick. Iran, Nth Korea.
Cam. I agree with Gordon.

Q 3. Climate change what have you done yourself. (The question we have all been waiting for)
B I use trains lots, can only recall using 1 plane. High speed rail. My house in Scotland has solar hot water. 1st clinate ch bill. (he couldn't recall how often he flies, does use solar hot water, but has then run out of things to say. So launches into his policies. Very poor answer)
Cam. Blue green party. I was asked to stop breathing, so need to explain message. Proper insulation in house. Agsinst 3rd runway heathrow, invest in trains. (Much like Brown, said one good thing on insulation, then stopped answering the question. Against heathrow 3rd runway, what about all the other runways?)
Cl. Almost always use train unless thers lots of clobber with the kids. (Also pathetic, most people find planes very restrictive on luggage, not to mention damaging the environment. The worst answer of the 3, yet Clegg often says he is strong on the environment)
B. Dependence on oil, nuclear power is great.
Cam. Green deal (sounds familiar) going green save money (good)
B we're doing this already
Cl nuke power expensive slow to build too late fraction of money can develop mass insulaton. (good)
B. Can't have balanced energy policy without nuclear(!) I met some young guys snd girls. Yes have carbon free hones and offshore wind. (always with Brown its offshore, but onshore is cheaper and greener)
Cam. Power cuts 2017. Gas storage in the UK is low. Get more renewables. 13 years so many strategies so little action (good)
Cl. Brown sidelined at Copenhagen.
B Nick your right. Persuade China and America, need to work with all the Continents.
N I'm not anti American, special relationship not one way street.
B I'm persuading America on climate change. (that will go down well with America)
C. Polish allies great statesman.

Well so much for the great leaders debate on climate change. They couldn't even speak for a minute on what they had done in their own lives, as the question asked. Pathetic.

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