Sunday, 25 April 2010

End Nasty Politics, Time For Something Different

Locally the LibDems have been competing with Labour to be the nasty. Is it time for something more positive in politics?

The Labour Party have been attacking the other Lib Dem PPC Daisy Benson in Reading West, saying she is 'lazy'. I defended her, as she has a reputation as a hard worker, the attack is silly.

In the past Reading Labour have said the Greens were linked with terrorists or another year they said we had links with the bnp. Again these attacks were so ridiculous that they did more damage to Labour, calling into question everything they said.

A few months ago Gareth Epps LD PCC for Reading East wrote 'The fact is that anyone our LD members select to fight Reading West will have much firmer green credentials than Lab and the Tories could muster between them and the credibility lacked by the maverick Green candidate there.' Now I think being called a Maverick could be a compliment, suggesting I have no credibility isn't.

Now LD Cllr Glenn Goodall has claimed Green Party policies on taxation are ‘Lib Dem-Light'. Well with selective quoting you can turn a classic into a dogs breakfast, but why would you want to? If they are proud of their policies, fine, good for them.

Meanwhile Richard McKenzie shows he doesn't get the Greens on his blog, where he thinks the amount he cycles means he is green. No mention of how much he flies or drives. Previously he pretended that Labour were not considering building on the Thames Valley University playing field. Though it can be seen at the previous Site Allocations Document page 155 . Fortunately, following our campaign the development area has now been scaled down in the most recent version to just the footprint of the existing buildings.

Labour also make much of opposing the 'Tory Cross Town route', not mentioning that they have their own planned cross town route, conveniently renamed East Reading Mass Rapid Transit. Both would damage the valued Kennet Mouth. The Green Party is the only party to fully oppose the scheme. We want to see better public transport, walking and cycling facilities and better local services not more roads and car parks.

I already covered the dodgy bar Lib Dem Bar charts. If they are doing well in Reading East, they should say so honestly. Pretending the opposition doesn't count is just nasty.

The last week has seen the LD riding high in the polls, so shouldn't they be comparing themselves to Labour and the Tories? The LD just don't seem ready.

After the Leaders Debate 2 I can't see how the LD can claim to be better than the Lab Tories on Green issues. At least Cameron talked about insulation, Brown about Solar hot water; all Clegg could say was that he flew lots because they carried more luggage! He did manage to be against nuclear power, but only because it was too slow, nothing about the waste. Calling the Polish Government 'Nutters' will go down well if he ever becomes a minister, which is looking less likely by the day.

Thankfully many others know the Greens offer a better choice than those 3, who are on much of the same agenda. See the Argus poll below.

Argus poll

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