Sunday, 11 April 2010

Campaign and pledge update

Since the election has been called, suddenly my inbox had hundreds of emails in it! It's been great to hear from so many people in the constituency over the last week - but answering all my correspondence, as well as knocking on doors all over Reading has meant that I've been blogging less than normal.

Most have been standard emails, once you have answered one, the others are easier.
They include Autism, Nurses, RSPB, Power20110, the BBC, Robin Hood Tax, FoE, Childrens causes, lobbying transparency and animal cruelty.

For the General Election, we may have a full slate across Berkshire.

We have a full slate of candidates in Reading, and an increased number in Wokingham.
In London the Greens have 844 candidates, thats really something.
I thought we had lots of nomination signatures to collect!

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