Thursday, 8 April 2010

Health Pledges; Nurses, Autism, Mental Health

Along with nurses and members of the public I have pledged to support the NHS and take strong stand for the nation’s health. The Royal College of Nursing has developed six priorities that are essential to supporting the work of nurses and improving patient care:

*Standing up for staff who speak out
*Ensuring safer staffing levels
*Giving nurses proper time to train
*Protecting the nation's health
*Improving care for those with long-term conditions
*Sustaining health care investment

Also I, Adrian Windisch, pledge to stand up for people with autism.

And I have pledged support to champion mental health. Rethink members, service users and carers are at the heart of our work and we are delighted that you could take part in this vital pre-election conversation.

Rethink provides more voluntary sector mental health services than any other organisation in England. They’ve already secured a landmark change through the Equality Bill that will outlaw discrimination against people affected by mental illness in recruitment. Should I be elected, we could be working together with you on similar campaigning issues. Find out more and get in touch:

Rarer Cancers Forum have a manifesto here

Macmillan Cancer Support Pledge
1.      Better support to help the two million people living with and after cancer to get their lives back after treatment.
2.      Fairer access to cancer drugs for people with rarer cancers.
3.      More nursing support so that people dying from cancer are supported to die at home if they so wish.

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