Friday, 5 March 2010

Woodland Trust general election manifesto - message to PCCs

I was delighted to be contacted by the Woodland trust, I have been a supporter of theirs for some years. Earlier today I was contacted by Construction News with a different message.

Being a candidate this time is a little different to 2005, then I got a pile of mail from organisations, far too much to read. This time its by email, so I can see it in a more easily accessible form.

I agree with every point below.
Dear adrian,

Please find enclosed a copy of the Woodland Trust’s manifesto. As a candidate at the next general election I wish to raise with you the importance of doubling native woodland cover over the next 50 years.

Creating new native woods and planting trees is not a luxury but essential if we are to tackle challenges such as climate change mitigation and adaptation, wildlife loss, improving public health – both physical and mental – and shaping places where people want to live, work and spend their leisure time. They also offer genuine value for money at a time of enormous pressure on the public finances. Sadly, however, the levels of woodland creation with broadleaved trees has halved in England in the last six years.

Woods and trees matter to everyone because they are vital in securing our quality of life. The Trust calls on all political parties to take the following actions to help secure the benefits of woods and trees:

1.) Adopt a target of doubling native woodland cover in the UK over the next fifty years, bringing together the public, private and voluntary sectors to make this a reality.

2.) Enable every child to plant trees and engage with the natural world as part of their formal education to develop rounded citizens equipped for 21st century challenges.

3.) Provide planning guidance which makes provision for the creation of new native woods within walking distance of residential areas.

4.) Offer incentives to encourage private landowners to plant trees.

5.) Retain a public forest estate but ensure it reflects society’s changing needs with an enhanced emphasis on woodland creation.

6.) Provide global leadership on deforestation by ensuring the UK’s equivalent to the rainforest – our ancient woods and trees – are protected for their biodiversity and cultural importance.

Please visit the Woodland Trust website at and commit to working for the expansion of native woodland cover in the next Parliament.

Best wishes,

Lee Bruce
Government Affairs Officer

After following the link above I got this message.

Thank you for supporting the Woodland Trust's aspiration to see more native woods and trees planted in the UK. We look forward to working with you in the next Parliament.

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